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20180827_1802s“The Survivors”  Charcoal over canvas   70 x 148″


The International Museum of Art and Science in McAllen, Texas will exhibit

“Dialogues With Mother Earth: The Murals” from January to July 2019

David Attenborough at Climate Conference POLAND


I was just thinking yesterday that I’ve been working on Dialogues With Mother Earth for almost ten years. When I started the project it was with the hope that I could help people see how we all contribute to the degradation of the environment. And by influencing change in personal behavior we would reduce escalating carbon emissions.

Well it hasn’t happened.

How We Failed To Stop Climate Change5mag-climate-promo-FIRE-largeHorizontal375-v2

Version 2A recent residency at Yaddo offered the chance to spend an intense two and a half weeks in the company of many esteemed artists and writers. During this time the last mural “The Survivors” evolved rapidly and all be completed back here in Mexico shortly.

WATER“Water”      (70 x 172″)

We see a  group of people from various backgrounds and cultures. They stand in line for water carrying whatever vessel they have to hand. There has been a corporate take-over of water, so no more saving the rain yourself.  Maybe your number will come up and this will be your lucky day.

After I finished this one I gave a talk to students at Olin College in Massachusetts about the project. Front page of the NY Times that day was a picture of U.S. citizens queuing for water in Puerto Rico.IMG_1736

Olin College Exhibition

NYFA has accepted Dialogues With Mother Earth: A Journey Through Time and Space into its Fiscal Sponsorship Program

03jun2017_6543 copyTipping Point”  just completed questions the excess of the so called “developed world”. With a third of all food consumed going to waste and whole continents of “other” people continually on the brink of starvation, how do we justify this?


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