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Olin College Exhibition

NYFA has accepted Dialogues With Mother Earth: A Journey Through Time and Space into its Fiscal Sponsorship Program

03jun2017_6543 copyTipping Point”  just completed questions the excess of the so called “developed world”. With a third of all food consumed going to waste and whole continents of “other” people continually on the brink of starvation, how do we justify this?



With Donald Trump proposing to undo nearly all of President Obama’s climate legacy, hope for a safe climate future may rest in the hands of the courts.

As far as climate change goes, artist Erica Daborn has seen the future and the enemy is us. Comic-strip allusions aside, Daborn’s forward-looking new show at Clark University is a compelling plea to end the inaction that is wasting what little time we have left to form a meaningful response to rising seas, mega-storms, droughts and the other effects of swiftly shifting climate norms. The series of six large-scale murals will be on display in Schiltkamp Gallery in the Traina Center for the

Source: Dark Futures: Artist Erica Daborn’s murals on display at Clark University

Exhibition of six of the completed murals.  Hopefully some publicity from this will propel the project forward and help me find a first venue for the entire installation.cover-4-copycard-info

One of the murals for Dialogues With Mother Earth will be on show as part of the Mass Cultural Council  Artist Fellows exhibition  September 16 – October 15 2016The AppealNew Art Center

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Collective Evolution

erica daborn: drawing to save the planet

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erica daborn: drawing to save the planet

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erica daborn: drawing to save the planet

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erica daborn: drawing to save the planet

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erica daborn: drawing to save the planet

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erica daborn: drawing to save the planet