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Dan Schrag, the Director of Harvard University Center for the Environment talks here about climate change, extreme weather and environmental justice.


Dan Schrag discusses climate issues with Boston Public Radio.

springoutlook_vid_480NOAA | science & information for a climate-smart nation.

This is a really good site for current information on the state of things.

China leads in pollution and it’s coming your way. – 2,000,000 Comments Against Keystone XL!.

By artist Isaac Cordal from his installation  “Follow the Leaders”  See the work on this link. Says it all and why we all need to actively participate in taking care of the planet ourselves because “they” are not going to fix this.

Mario J. Molina won the Nobel prize for Chemistry in 1995 for his work on the depletion of the ozone layer. Now his new report on climate change cites great urgency, almost too late to do anything. You are reading this because you already have awareness of these issues. Pass this on to your less informed friends.

Check out this activist group. Sign their pledge

“We are mothers, grandmothers, and other caregivers who can no longer be silent and still about the very real danger that climate change poses to our children’s and grandchildren’s future”.

This latest mural of a whale encased in plastic bottles and other detritus is now well underway. I’ve added individual pages for each of the completed murals here on the blog and more details in “ABOUT THE PROJECT”. Planning an Open Studio here at the end of April.

Erica and Inki

Erica and Inki

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Collective Evolution

erica daborn: drawing to save the planet

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erica daborn: drawing to save the planet

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erica daborn: drawing to save the planet

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erica daborn: drawing to save the planet

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erica daborn: drawing to save the planet

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erica daborn: drawing to save the planet